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Video gallery clips not loading


  • Ibrahim Serra-Mohammed started the conversation


    Beautiful theme by the way! 

    I have a video project gallery but there is a bug where the clip doesn't always load and stays on the gallery thumbnails. It's meant to scroll up to the video player area and load the video... But it doesn't always do this. Please check my site to see this. 

    Can you help please. 

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    Nick replied


    We had reports of this behaviour - it's an update to Chrome that broke that functionality. We're looking into it and will get back to you with a fix asap.


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    Nick replied

    Hi Ibrahim,

    We've updated the main.js javascript file slightly to address this Chrome bug. We've uploaded an updated version to ThemeForest and you'll get a notification when that's available for download. But if you wish you can manually replace the main.js file yourself with the one attached here. This should fix the issue.

    Attached files:  main.js.zip