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  • hayasuliman started the conversation

    Hello sir

    how are you, hope you good and safe

    sir i need som help

    - how i can make page (app) is adefult?

    thanks a lot

  • hayasuliman replied

    Can please help???

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    Nick replied

    Hi hayasuliman,

    Sorry for the late reply, I missed the notification.

    To your question: the browsers automatically load the `index.html` files as the default view, so in order to use the app style as the default - simply rename the `.html` file to `index.html` and that's what's going to be the default one opened in your server.

    Thanks for your patience and sorry for the late reply once again.


  • hayasuliman replied

    Thanks alot 

    sir about three.js how  i can use the 3d in website?


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    Nick replied

    Hey, what exactly do you want to do I don't understand the question? The 3D we include should be working out of the box here. If you're having issues locally try to setup a local server environment with WAMP for windows or MAMP for mac.