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First item in the work menu does not jump to top in Chrome


  • Mark started the conversation

    Hi your template rules. But the first link on the work page does not jump to the top in Chrome FF and Safari work. This is on Chrome desktop and mobile. Just launched the new site could use some help thanks!

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    Nick replied

    Hey Mark,

    Glad to see you using Scenia, your site looks awesome!

    To the issue at point - I can't recreate the problem neither on Crhome nor in FF, can you let me know what versions of those you use and on which operating system?


  • Mark replied

    Hi Nick, thanks for the reply! Yes this theme looks great! I ended up adding a quick fix for the issue in this commit here:


    It was on chrome Version 78.0.3904.97



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    Nick replied

    Ah this explains why I couldn't recreate it! Closing the ticket as it seems you have it all figured out & I'll add this piece of code to the original theme, thanks!