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Need help in installing visia or convert it to your own theme


  • JMF started the conversation

    I wasn't aware that the Visia is not a theme but a template and the Visia theme isn't available anymore. How can or how to convert it to your own theme, template doesn't have header and bootstrap?  What would you recommend and how to upload the visia template?

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    Nick replied

    Hi JMF,

    Sorry for the confusion, but Visia is indeed an HTML template, not a WordPress theme, so converting it to WP is really hard, you need to re-write all of the code basically.

    Can you tell me what you mean by "header" and "bootstrap" not being available? The template does have a header in terms of it meaning a 'navigation' and it relies on the Bootstrap grid essentially.


  • JMF replied

    How to use the template in the website?

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    Nick replied

    It's a standard HTML/CSS template, so you need to get in the code and change the text & change the images, and then host it on your server as you would a normal static website.

    So basically what we prefer to do is just upload the contents of the website onto our server via FTP, making sure they are in the root directory, and the index.html will be the first file that's loaded from the website that way.