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Replacing 3D Object


  • Jose started the conversation

    Hi, Aether Themes team, I've purchased the Scenia theme and it looks great, but I'd like to change the deer model and add a new one. I've tried to replace it with other three.js .json files I've downloaded, but it's not working, I don't know if I need to keep the metadata from the original file or how I need to deal with the 3D object to make it work in your theme. 

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    Nick replied

    Hi Jose,

    Can you send over the js file of your render over so we can test out what exactly went wrong there?



  • Jose replied

    I've tried with several samples from a https://clara.io/, but no one works. The one which I would like to use is this one:


    Is that something feasible? If you think so let me know so I can purchase it and convert it. 


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    Nick replied

    Usually there are no restrictions when it comes to the 3D render that is used, if it's converted to .json it should work.

    The only thing we recommend is using as simple model as possible, because their size may be an issue if they are too complicated. Having to load a 4MB site is not a good practice, so please keep that in mind when choosing the 3D model.



  • Jose replied

    Hi again. 

    I've donwloaded the .obj file (Low poly Landscape.obj and Low_poly_Landscape.mtl), I've uploaded the object to https://threejs.org/editor/ and exported the object into a .json file (model.json). 

    Hope I did everything Ok, I'm not an expert in 3d object conversions. 

    Do you think you can help me adding the object into the scene?

    Thanks for your help. 

    Attached files:  Low_poly_Landscape.mtl
      Low poly Landscape.obj

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    Nick replied

    Hey Jose,

    In order to make the model work you'd need to do a couple of things:

    1. We've attached a file here called 'landscape.js' just put this in the 3d folder where the 'deer.js' is located currently.

    2. We've attached a file here called 'object-loader.js' - replace the current 'object-loader.js' file in the 'js/3d' directory with the new one, and you should be set.

    P.S. Both of the files are located in the zip we attached.

    Attached files:  new-model.zip


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