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How to change audio track


  • Khadijah started the conversation

    How do you change the audio file that is playing on each main page?? 

  • Alain replied

    On the folder 'audio' just replace the ambient.mp3 and ambient.ogg.

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  • Khadijah replied

    Yes, this option was rather obvious :)

    I need to adjust the file names in the code and want to know exactly where this file is being called. I am setting it as a variable.

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    Nick replied

    Hi Khadijah,

    Sorry for the late reply. If you want to edit what files are called, you'd need to open up your `main.js` file and look at the function that is commented for Sound. There you will see an option called `name`:

    sounds: [{
         name: "ambient",
         loop: true

    This is the name of the audio file that's being loaded. Just change that to the new name of your audio file.



  • Khadijah replied

    Perfect! Thanks.